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Tor­nado Lev­els Fairdale on April 9, 2015

A tor­nado destroyed my home and work areas on April 9 of this year.  While most of my molds and a great deal of my equip­ment sur­vived, it is not pos­si­ble for me to cre­ate or pro­duce any art­work until my home is rebuilt.  I have not yet made the deci­sion as to whether to con­tinue work­ing with clay at that time.

A small num­ber of tiles did sur­vive intact.  When things get more set­tled, I plan to make them avail­able on Ebay to raise funds which will be donated in their entirety to DeKalb County, Illi­nois to in some small way alle­vi­ate the enor­mous cost of pro­vid­ing help to us in our time of dire need.  The Police, Fire Depart­ment, Comed, Red Cross, Rubi­con, Samaritan’s Purse, and many oth­ers did a mag­nif­i­cent job of pro­vid­ing for our needs and bring­ing order to the unimag­in­able chaos the tor­nado left in its wake.  I hope those of you who have enjoyed my work in the past will sup­port this effort.

If I do con­tinue to do clay work, the designs will all be new; I do not at this time intend to per­son­ally cast, or glaze and fire, any of my for­mer designs even though the molds still exist.  If a buyer can be found, I will sell them and the copy­right to them, but any future work I do will be from designs cre­ated after April 9, 2015, and designs cre­ated prior to that date will be pro­duced by another hand.

No work is for sale at this time.

Susan Meyer

Orig­i­nal hand­made tile designs inspired by Nature, mythol­ogy, and fairy tales

Wren tile with accessory border tile frame.

Wren tile with acces­sory bor­der tile frame.

Elf­s­tone Stu­dio has become known for dis­tinc­tive hand­made tiles and plaques.  The tile-making process begins with bas-relief sculp­ture cre­ated by Susan Meyer. The orig­i­nal sculp­ture designs, inspired by Nature, mythol­ogy, and fairy tales, are repro­duced in stoneware and porce­lain to make the fin­ished hand­made tiles.

Hand­made tiles can be used indoors or outdoors

Chickadee tile with accessory border tile frame.

Chick­adee tile with acces­sory bor­der tile frame.

Elf­s­tone Stu­dio clay tiles are high-fired for beauty and dura­bil­ity.  They stand up well to harsh con­di­tions, and are suit­able for both exte­rior and inte­rior use.  Hand­made tiles can be dis­played as indi­vid­ual art pieces or incor­po­rated into per­ma­nent instal­la­tions such as back­splashes and fire­place sur­rounds.  Mul­ti­ple tiles can be used to cre­ate murals of any size.  Use the Con­tact  page to inquire about commis­sions for mod­i­fi­ca­tions to exist­ing designs or for cus­tom work, from indi­vid­ual tiles to murals..