About Elfstone Studio & My Original Bas Relief Sculpture Tile Designs

I have been creating sculpture in stoneware and porcelain since 1986 when my ex-husband, Larry Meyer, and I started Elfstone Pottery. We worked together, Larry at the potter’s wheel making functional ware and I embellishing it, until 1997 when we parted.

Most of my work is bas relief sculpture, the kind that stands out from a flat background like the sculpture on a coin. It demands skill in both drawing and sculpture; line quality as well as contour. I am self-taught in ceramics; my techniques are a somewhat quirky mix of what I learned through reading, a couple of ad hoc art courses, and talking to people, as well as heavy doses of trial and error. In the last several years I’ve learned more traditional ways of making bas relief tiles but, after all these years, I am set in my ways and prefer my own techniques.

Susan Meyer

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