Tornado Levels Fairdale on April 9, 2015

A tornado destroyed my home and work areas on April 9 of this year.  While most of my molds and a great deal of my equipment survived, it is not possible for me to create or produce any artwork until my home is rebuilt.  I have not yet made the decision as to whether to continue working with clay at that time.

A small number of tiles did survive intact.  When things get more settled, I plan to make them available on Ebay to raise funds which will be donated in their entirety to DeKalb County, Illinois to in some small way alleviate the enormous cost of providing help to us in our time of dire need.  The Police, Fire Department, Comed, Red Cross, Rubicon, Samaritan’s Purse, and many others did a magnificent job of providing for our needs and bringing order to the unimaginable chaos the tornado left in its wake.  I hope those of you who have enjoyed my work in the past will support this effort.

If I do continue to do clay work, the designs will all be new; I do not at this time intend to personally cast, or glaze and fire, any of my former designs even though the molds still exist.  If a buyer can be found, I will sell them and the copyright to them, but any future work I do will be from designs created after April 9, 2015, and designs created prior to that date will be produced by another hand.

No work is for sale at this time.

Susan Meyer

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