Rates for Custom Tile Designs

Unglazed tiles generally run $0.75 – $1.00 per square inch.

Bas-relief tiles glazed in standard white, teal,and or brown, with or without areas of exposed clay, run about $1.00 per square inch.  The cost of plain filler tiles or border tiles will be determined on an individual basis but will run substantially less than the cost of sculptured tiles.  I don’t charge for small modifications that don’t require changes to the molds, such as cutting a greenware tile down to make it smaller or changing the way it’s glazed.

Rates for custom tile designs which require new sculpture and/or the creation of new molds, or the use of specialty glazes or more elaborate glazing techniques, generally run $2.00 to $4.00 per square inch.  The client owns the overall design of multi-tile custom work but I am sometimes willing to reduce the cost of creating new sculpture and molds if I retain the right to continue to use and sell various elements as individual tiles or to incorporate them in new multi-tile designs.

These charges reflect the fact that tile-making is very labor intensive work and many aspects of it are unpredictable resulting in lost time, effort, and resources before a desired result is achieved.  I do everything I can to make the purchaser feel the result is well worth the cost.

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